I have been dying to have some family pictures taken of us forever. Unfortunately, that isn't really in our super cushy nyc budget. haha About a year ago I did a logo for a photographer and as payment she was going to do a shoot for us. I never got around to cashing in, and so when we got to Utah for Christmas we will get some real ones taken and I am so excited!!

I also love how these pictures turned out. We used our trusty tripod and clicker and thank heavens Zoe decided it would be nice to smile for one pic! ;) Initially we were going to use these for our Christmas Card... but I recently decided to just create a card that we can share over Facebook with family and friends. I don't think I am going to spend the money on printing them and sending them. Yay for student budgets! haha Plus I am pretty sure the majority of people will keep them for the season and then toss them.

Here is the one we picked for the "Christmas Card"... I am not loving the lighting but, I love the people in it and it's clear so I think it's perfect!

I love this picture of Brady and Zoe. Seriously describes her perfectly... CRAZY.

Here I am testing out the clicker and lighting haha!

I seriously can not believe fall is almost over, Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK, and Christmas is just around the corner. Where does the time go!? It's starting to feel like Christmas in the city and I am so excited for it. Although I will be gone the majority of the season, I will still get a good glimpse of the city holiday magic. All the Anthropologie display windows are up and they are unreal! The  Radio City Music Hall is decked out, there are huge light-up snowflakes at each intersection, trees are being sold on the corners, skate rinks are up and running, and the Rockefeller Tree is in the works. I'm so excited to see it in person! I think we will have to get some hot coco and walk down there with Zoe so we can get a pic with her and the tree :) 

I leave for Oklahoma on Wednesday morning. I am going for Thanksgiving and my birthday, and Brady is staying here to study for his big tests coming up. I am dying to see my nephews, and my Gramma who is heading back to Utah soon! I really wish Brady could come, but we will get to spend two weeks together over Christmas break, (half in UT and half in OK) and that will be SOOO NICE. I am just over the moon about that. There is am awesome family in our ward who invited Brady over for dinner so I know he will be well taken care of and that makes me feel much better. Zoe is also coming with us for Christmas, so that should be interesting. Wish us luck... haha!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. It really is just the most magical time of year if you ask me!