My Christmas dreams came true once again and we got a tree! It simply wouldn't be the same without a tree! I don't care that we will only be here for two weeks. It was necessary to me. 

The night I got back from Oklahoma, Brady and I were on a walk with Zoe, and I was just so giddy about all the Christmas trees and lights everywhere! I didn't even realize how much I wanted a tree until that moment. From then on, I couldn't be swayed otherwise. We walked around to all the near by stands to see how much it would be for a little tree. We're talking 3-4 feet. K, are you ready? TWENTY DOLLARS A FOOT. Okay, seriously? How am I supposed to justify spending 60-80 bucks on a few feet of tree that I am going to toss to the curb in a matter of days!? I just couldn't. I was devastated.

We decided we didn't care THAT much and headed home. I started telling him about when I got my very first tree while living in Texas (with my bestie, Pasha) and we initially went to a tree lot. We were unpleasantly surprised with the prices, so we got back in the truck and found a beautiful tree at Home Depot for 30 bucks! That's when it hit me. LOWES! We live just down the street from a Lowes. It's not nearly as 'cute' as the little stands on the corners... But guess what. We got a 6 foot tree for 40 bucks and it is practically perfect in every way and I couldn't be more excited!! It fits so perfect and snug in our only available corner and it is now my favorite corner.

But, do notice we took lots of pictures of this exciting experience and pretended we got the tree from the little stand and so there you have it! Fooled ya! ;) I will always remember + love our first Christmas tree experience in this crazy city!

When you buy your tree at Lowes, they don't cut off the bottom for you and drill water holes. So thanks Dad for our handy dandy hand saw, and thanks Brady for being such a stud and doing it for us at home! Isn't he cute? I think so also.

Also please note that Zoe now weighs a wopping FIFITY SEVEN pounds. Yup, that's right. I'll let you know how excited the lucky duck who get's to sit with her at their feet on the plane is...

Xmas Tree-6.jpg
Xmas Tree-8.jpg
Xmas Tree-12.jpg
Xmas Tree-13.jpg

I wish so badly this picture was focused on her cute little face!! But it's okay because I still love it and her even though she is psycho.

Xmas Tree-20.jpg

Hope you have a very merry Christmas!