I surprised Brady this weekend with a little staycation in Deer Valley. I don't think we could have possibly picked a better time to come. The weather is amazing. It is so gorgeous. And there are no crowds. And since we are here during the off season I got a killer deal at our resort. Cha ching!

I really love Deer Valley/ Park City. But nothing beats 3 days with Brady, completely uninterrupted. We were supposed to go horseback riding today, but when we got to the ranch it was snowing, and freezing. So we decided against it. By the time we got back to the hotel it was SO nice outside and no snow or rain anywhere in site. Haha! I don't even care because we had the best day! We played some checkers, chess, and A LOT of monopoly deal. I am so obsessed with games!! We even squeezed a mani/pedi, nap time, a movie, and dinner on main street. Most of these pictures are of the adorable buildings. I love them so much! All I want is to live somewhere with a ton of charm. I could walk up and down that street all day. It's the best. 

My favorite part about today: How excited Brady was about our free breakfast. It's the nicest free breakfast I have ever had. He was literally so happy. He ate like one of everything! Haha! Good thing he has two more breakfasts to enjoy :) 

Least Favorite: Strangers are never good at taking your picture. Especially with a "big" camera. I am determined to get a good one of the two of us before we leave.