Brady and I talked about today like we were going to do so many things. That's hilarious to me now because we have literally just been hanging out, snuggling and eating like all day! Except for a little walk this afternoon. This place is a ghost town! 

We have stayed in partly because I have this ridiculous cold that has turned into a sinus infection and it's like the most annoying thing ever! Brady and I went to church this morning in Park City (the largest ward I have EVER seen!!) and went and picked up a Neti pot and some Claritin D after. Have you ever used a Neti pot?! I was so scared... but holy cow that thing works magic. I feel sooo much better already. 

Oh, and then we had Cafe Rio. Brady's favorite.

Remember how I said Brady was so excited about breakfast? You should have seen him this morning. Before we went down he says, "I am not going to over eat this morning..." haha!! Well, once we got down there and he saw french toast was on the menu, that all went out the door. He is hilarious. But... I mean, I can't really blame him! 

We found an abandoned Corn Hole game. Brady is way better than me at that one. But, for the record... I have been killing him in Monopoly Deal.  :)

Now we are going to snuggle up, watch a movie and eat some Talenti Gelato! (as soon as this basketball game is over anyway...)

Brady, I love you.