Darcee and her two little boys (Easton and Paxton) have been in Oregon for the last few days. They finally got back super late last night/ super early this morning. We definitely missed them... and Zoe was no exception. She gets a little excited around the boys, with all the running and teasing. This morning we look a walk down to this creek that runs through our neighborhood. Zoe LOVES the water. Needless to day, we had a blast. 

Haha! I love Paxton's hand he put up for every photo to block the sun from his face. Too darn cute. 

My super-soaked little rat dog. 

She is still pretty wimpy at walking for a long time and just being in the heat in general. ha! She pants... all the time.

Yay for warm weather!!! & Summer!!! 

Oh, and only 2 more weeks until we leave UT forever. Ah!