Utah is so beautiful all year around, but Utah in the Summer has my heart for sure. This morning Brady, Zoe, and I headed to Tibble Fork with some family. Zoe absolutely LOVES the water and so it was super fun watching her splash around in the reservoir. I'm also kind of obsessed with our nephews and can't stop taking pictures of them. I am really going to miss the Ralphs when we move to NY. And we will definitely miss Utah's beauty and adventures.

He was all about splashing around for the camera. And I love the muddy bum.

Easton was constantly on the move and way too busy playing with rocks to pose for a photo. This is the best I could do. Ha! Paxton on the other hand, is a little child model and loves to look at his photos when you're done. Love them.

Overall, today was such a fun day. Saturday's totally win in my book and I just wish I could have them more than once a week. Here's to squeezing in as many adventures as we can before we leave! Whats next... Timp??