I am not even sure how to start this post. I wish I could just say it was so fun and beautiful and woop-dee-doo! Yeah, not exactly. 

It was obviously extremely beautiful. Breathtaking, really. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. 

Now, before I get started... I am not a hiker. I mean, I have done plenty of hikes in my day... but, not extreme hiking.  We are talking like max 4 hours round trip. I always told Brady I would never even attempt Timp. It didn't even interest me. One day I just changed my mind and that's really all there is to it.

So, we parked at the trail head and started the hike around 6:30am.  We are about 5 minutes into the trail and I can tell this is going to be rough. One, I was so cold. Two, it was SO steep! Three, I had only slept for three hours. Not my brightest idea. 

After the first half hour, things got a lot better. I was getting used to the trail and the path was a little more consistent. But, the hike was definitely difficult. It was super steep, rocky, and just exhausting. As the hours passed, it was getting really hot, we were getting higher, and breathing was getting harder and harder. 

Overall, I was enjoying myself. Of course it was hard, but we were having so much fun. And the views sure didn't hurt.

So we finally make it to our spot. We ate lunch, rest, and cry tears of joy. Keep in mind, this is six hours later. We had about two hours to go if we wanted to make it to the very top. That was our plan... to get to the top. When it came time to keep going... I just couldn't anymore. I was the most tired I have ever felt. And I honestly didn't think it would be a good idea. I felt super bad because Brady wanted to go so badly. I would just cry and keep going back and forth trying to decide if we should finish. Ultimately we decided to just start our way down. 

Going down has always been my challenge. My right knee is pretty bad and downhill always makes it act up. By now my toes are aching, and our water is so warm. It literally felt like we zapped it in the microwave for a bit. Yuck, I know.

Going down is as "easy" as it seems. I was so exhausted. So so so tired. I just really wasn't feeling well. I was stumbling on rocks, and hardly able to walk. There was this massive root coming out of the ground and I watched Brady step over it. I was just mimicking his every step. I even remember thinking to myself, "get over this root." Except, I honestly just couldn't anymore. And I fell, pretty hard. Luckily there was some more tree and bush to catch me. These paths are only about two to three feet wide. And in most spots it just drops off. Luckily there was stuff to catch me. But it hurt. I fell right on my bad knee, and guys it was all downhill from there. Literally.

Basically from then on I was in a lot of pain. Every step I took, pain would shoot into my knee. Brady gave me lots of hugs. I cried... a lot. It was blazin. Getting down felt like an eternity. If I had to reclimb the entire thing, versus doing that climb down... I would choose up, over and over and over again.

Thank Heavens for York, a man we met when we had about a mile left. I didn't think I could make it back. I was sobbing. 

York saw me limping and asked what I did. He then gave me his hiking poles and a bottle of Gatorade and make me drink the whole thing. He followed Brady and I all the way to the bottom while going so, so, slow. SO SLOW. He talked to me the entire way and completely distracted me from the pain. He was my little miracle. York, the bishop in Laguna Beach, the helicopter pilot, the coolest and kindest man, thank you. Thank you times a million. 

This novel is about to end. But, not until I quickly say how much Brady means to me. He knew I was so nervous to do this hike. He knew I was scared. He encouraged me and pushed me all the way to our "top". He held my hand and helped me with every step of the way. I couldn't tell you how man times he told me I was amazing, and strong, and a million things I wasn't feeling. Thank you sweetheart. I feel like I could do anything with you by my side. And for that, I am grateful I did this hike. 

It was the hardest, most draining thing I have ever done. Some people might thing that's pathetic, or dramatic. But, it was. I am so glad its over, and I am so grateful I DID IT.