I seriously make this recipe every two weeks. But, I always double it so I can go a little longer in between! Ever since I have known Brady, he has eaten yogurt and granola for breakfast. But, granola is expensive! I was buying a 4-5 dollar bag every week, and I was so over that. So! I decided to try making my own. Turns out, we love it and I don't think I can ever eat store bought granola ever again, Plus, now you can really manage what's going in your mouth. No preservatives, no artificial sweeteners... and you can modify the recipe to whatever fits your needs! 

You can always add nuts, seeds, or dry fruit. It's also so yummy on top of an Acai Bowl or with some milk! There are so many options! (Brady is pretty basic when it comes to food, so we keep it simple!)  

I have been wanting to make a recipe book FOREVER! Seriously, for so long. Just filled with all of our favorite recipes so I can pass it down to my kids one day. My friend Mariah sent me a picture of a recipe the other day and it totally inspired me to get my recipe-buns together. So, I think I will start posting them here (I don't have very many...yet!) so I can share them but also keep records of them :) There is a link under the recipe so you can download it for yourself!

Click HERE to download the recipe!

I hope you all like it!