Yesterday, Brady and I celebrated being married for 1 year! Seriously, such a fun day! Sometimes when I think about how long we have been married, it feels like we have been doing this forever. At the same time, it feels like just yesterday we were going through the McDonald's drive through grabbing chicken sandwiches and getting to the temple 5 minutes late because of it. hahaha We both remember so many little details about our wedding day and they are so much fun to talk about. I love reliving that day though memories and pictures. 

I remember being so frustrated after our sealing because I went into the bride's room and everyone had their bouquets and floral crowns waiting for them and mine never showed up. I was rushing around trying to fix myself up and was feeling really frazzled. But, the second I walked into the hall and Brady was there waiting for me, nothing mattered. I forgot I didn't have flowers and it wasn't a big deal because I had him and that's all I needed. Walking out of those temple doors as husband and wife was one of the happiest moments of my life! Pure joy right there.

Yesterday I woke up to breakfast in bed, homemade by the cafe on the corner. haha

Brady didn't have school yesterday which was lucky for me because that means I had him to myself all day! We started our day off with a walk to the doggie park and down the river. I do this everyday but it's way more fun when Brady comes. 

Unfortunately, I had somewhere I had to be for a couple hours in the middle of the day BUT when I got back Brady had roses, a card, and some gifts for me. He is the best and so thoughtful. I knew he got me a gift but couldn't think of anything it could be. Sneaky him had been listening to the things I have been talking about for awhile. I love when he totally surprises me!

That card- First line reads, "I know this card is more appropriate for someone who just got married, but I know you'll think it is really cute and we've only been married a year so I thought it would be okay." hahaha I love that he got it because of my obsession with RPC. He's right. I do think its really cute.

We took a two hour nap yesterday and it was devine! I usually try not to nap, but on the weekends I almost always give in! It's just so cozy and fun! Zoe loves to curl up with us and just sleeps the whole time too. Later in the evening we headed to the Lower East Side for some dinner at Souvlaki GR. Seriously, the most authentic Greek food you will ever find. I say that like I know what authentic Greek food tastes like, I totally don't. But, other people have told me its so similar and well, I love it... so there you go! 

Everything about this place is so romantic. It feels like you are in Greece. From the florals hanging everywhere, to the blue and white stone floors, and the lights strung across the room. It's just the best so if you ever find yourself craving Greek food in the city, go here. We ordered the Prasini Salad, hummus, and chicken gyros. 

After dinner, we hopped on the Subway and headed to The High Line for a little walk and view of the city. And to eat a cupcake that we totally fed the first bite to each other because we are super cheesy. It was both of our first time to the High Line and we loved it. It's super cool. Basically, it used to be where an above ground train would run but since it doesn't anymore they have turned into a walking path/park and its so gorgeous. Just full of trees and flowers and every so often you will see some of the original train tracks. You can enter from lots of different points, but we entered right by the Chelsea Market and there was an amazing view of the Empire State Building.

We only got like two pictures with our camera before it died on us. I always forget to charge it and then it dies in the most inconvenient times!! We asked a girl to take our picture, which she did... but we had our super zoomed in lens on and to its like BAM faces. haha But I don't even care because it's the only picture we got of the two of us! Well, three of us. Me, Brady, and Miss Empire.

riverside-anni (14 of 14).jpg

Brady I am so grateful you chose me to spend the rest of your life with. I am so excited for the many many years to come and all the adventures they have in store. You're the best friend I could ever ask for and I love you more then words can say. Thanks for the best year yet and such a fun day. Here's to another year with you :)