So, basically right out our door is Riverside Park. Which if I may... IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. If I can control it, we will never leave this area! I can't even get over that it takes me literally two minutes to walk there.

The whole park is dog friendly and the best part, there is a dog run and it is right on our corner. It's basically a fenced in area where you can take your pup off their leash and they get to run around with all the other dogs and burn energy. It's so awesome. 

Before Brady leaves for school he takes Zoe out on a quick walk so she can go to the bathroom. Later, in the mid-morning she and I go on a walk/run where she plays at the park and we walk along the river. Riverside is a waterfront park, and it runs along the Hudson River. I like going a little later in the morning because 1. I like my sleep 2. Most people have gone to work and it is not crowded at all.

On the west side of the park, they have a walk/ bike path (which is what you see in the pictures) that you can ride from down by the Statue of Liberty up to Columbia University and even further. So, I need a bike. Actually, our friends around the corner has a bike I can use so maybe I should get on that! We also need to get on the free kayaking before mid September, but that makes me feel a little nervous. 

riverside-anni (2 of 14).jpg

Basically I think this is the most underrated park in the city! I have heard of lots of parks before coming here, but never this one. It is by far my favorite. Sure, the city views, fountains, and bridges don't get better than in Central Park... but if you want something that feels like a total escape from the city, this is it.

Family walks are my favorite time of the day and I just feel so lucky every day to have Brady and Zoe in my life. People probably think it's weird how much we love Zo, but she really is part of this family! She is so cute and the sweetest thing ever. I can't wait until we have kids who just love her and snuggle with her. She is a total cuddle bug. Today we set up a video camera app on my laptop and connected it to Brady's phone. We left her at home, outside of her kennel for the first time and wanted to watch her and see what she would do. She was so so good! She literally just slept on the bed the entire time. Proud mom right here!  

Lastly, Happy Birthday Brady!!!! He turned 27 today and we did all of his favorite things. Went to church, ate food, took naps, cuddles, and watched a couple tv shows. Oh, and his favorite.. cheesecake topped with strawberries :) I love you babe! Hope it was a wonderful day. xoxox