I have never had so many people ask to see pictures of our apartment before! So, due to popular demand, and my desire to document our fun little life, here ya go! I present to you... the grand tour of what we like to call, "The Penthouse". You will shortly see where this obviously sarcastic name came from. Our place might be the tiniest thing you have ever seen, at an outrageous price, BUT we absolutely love it. It seems that all my stuff looks better in one room? Maybe I'm a minimalist who secretly loves clutter? I don't know. I do know that I love the way it all came together and I am excited to share with you guys! 

^^ Found these itsy bitsy nightstands that fit so perfect. Ikea for the win, always. And, don't judge those shelves too harshly.. I have no idea how to decorate it. We will get there! ^^

Hand down, the very best thing about our place is the neighborhood. I truly do not think we could have found a better spot.

My mom and I flew out to New York to find an apartment a few weeks ago. I was pretty dead set on Brooklyn to begin with. The prices are way better, and you get so much more space. But, after comparing the commute and the neighborhoods, we decided we would rather live smaller, pay a little more, and be closer to school. It was our last day here and our broker showed us all the apartments he had picked out for us and I was the farthest thing from excited. In tears, actually. (lots and lots of those for this overwhelmed gal) We were sitting in a bar, ice waters in hand hahaha, when he came over and told us he found one more to go look at on the Upper West Side. Immediately I looked at my mom and said I really think we should. (side note- after deciding on Manhattan, we were mainly looking on the Lower East area which is right by his school) I had a constant prayer in my heart all day that we would find the perfect place for us. The minute we got off the Subway, and walked up our street, it felt right. I LOVED the neighborhood. I LOVED the street. It was 1 block to the dog park, 2 avenues to Central Park, 8 min to the temple (which is also where our ward meets), right by the express train, endless options of shopping, food and anything you could think of! That part was all perfect. But, we hadn't seen the inside. The second we walked in I said, "this is it". It just came out, I just felt like that was our next home. Honestly, it's nothing too different or special than lots of others we saw. (Except, it was big enough to fit everything we needed, so that's pretty special if you ask me!) By this point, it was almost 5:00 and we wouldn't have been able to see anything else before we flew out the next morning. It was such an answer to our prayers. I honestly believe that. We meet so many new people everyday and everyone is SO nice. People say New Yorkers are mean... I beg to differ! They are so kind. Sure, not everyone is. You get that everywhere. But, the people on the Upper West Side are so amazing, and we love it! 

^^ We were even able to create a little vanity area for myself which is SO nice. I love having somewhere to get ready. ^^

^^ My office. ^^

^^ Brady brought home some "welcome to New York" flowers the other day while out on a walk with Zoe. He sure knows the way to my heart. There are flower shops on almost every corner so hopefully this becomes a regular thing ;) ^^

^^ See that door over on the right? Yeah that's an awesome storage closet. Best ever!! It's the little things guys. All the other apartments had ZERO storage. Literally, zero. ^^

^^ The closet looks pretty small here, that's probably because it is... But it holds all of our stuff and then some! ^^

Time for my favorite part. I think it's my fav because we made so mani little changes. We had to get super creative (and stay on a budget) in order to make it work. I love the way it turned out, and it's super functional! I'm not too much of a chef though, so for all you fancy cookers out there, this is not for you. ha!

For the record, we do have a bathroom, that's not really worth showing/not done. And we do have a kitchen table! That also isn't up yet. Basically it will be installed into the wall and it will fold up when we are ready to use it, and down when it's not in use. And it will also double as Brady's study desk... so basically it will always be in use. 

And there you have it people! Thanks for all your love and support as we embark on this new adventure in our lives. We are so excited and I am so glad we have such amazing family and friends to share it with. xoxo