Well, a month has passed, so here come some random thoughts, memories, and a whole lot of pictures! (Zoe overload!!!)

This month has been a little bit of a rollercoaster as we have been adjusting to our new home. We are starting to really feel settled in and life it great! 

Here we go with some highlights of September.

...and the beginning of October...

1. The weather is amazing!! The last couple weeks have been so, so nice. I love summer, but I REALLY love fall and winter. I would rather be all bundled up any day! Crisp cool walks are the best thing around. The subway stations aren't saunas anymore so you can actually go somewhere without looking like you just ran 3 miles. So that's nice!

2. We went to Ellen with some of our besties, Amy and Jackson. I totally surprised myself with how "crazy fan girl" I got when I saw Jimmy Fallon & Justin Beiber. Side note: they were literally a couple feet away from us. So, amy and I got a little hand touch from the Beibs and a smile, wave, and a wink from Fallon. Now, my reaction to seeing Ellen was a little more than "fan girl". I feel like I have this connection with my girl Ellen because... well, I don't know. But, I watch her show like it's my religion and I just absolutely love who she is and all that she does for people. It just doesn't get better than Ellen! When she walked out on stage I couldn't hold it together. I was so happy to see her! She seriously lights up the place and well, the sobs just came coming. I was trying so hard to not let tears run down my face because umm, makeup...cameras... tv!!! Anyway, I thought I was going to throw up and it was some seriously crazy stuff for a minute. (instert monkey covering eyes emoji) haha


3. This isn't exactly a "highlight" but I figured I would document it anyway. Zoe has officially weighed in over 40lbs and she is only 5.5 months old! So there you have it, we are raising a monster. A very sweet, cuddly, monster.

4. I got a part time gig at Anthropologie! I have always dreamed of working at Anthro, and although it's not quite like my little teenager self dreamed of (I mean... it is a job) it is fun, and I am so happy to get out of the house, meet some fun girls, and most importantly... THE DISCOUNT! Seriously, can not complain about that.

5. I'm making friends!! This one probably should have been number one! I am so grateful to be making friends. 

6. I met Anna Bond, the creator behind all things Rifle Paper Co. I have been obsessed with her and her company for years. She is so inspiring to me! I love basically everything she creates. I will say, meeting her was a little less exciting than I thought it would be. I was so stoked, waiting in line, had my poster for her to sign, and... drumroll please... she said like two words. haha! Maybe she wasn't in the mood or maybe she was tired. (she did just have a baby after all) BUT, I feel like when tons of people are lining up for your meet and greet the least you could do it throw on your happy pants! But, that's okay! I am still glad I could meet her regardless and it was a really neat experience! 

7. TYLER WARD CONCERT!!! I feel like I need to do a whole separate post on this because it was such a magical evening! I have been following and listening to TW for about 5 years. He started out just making covers on YouTube with a couple hundred views and now he has almost 2 million subscribers and it so successful! He is currently doing a world tour and was making a stop in Nyc, so Brady and I snagged a couple of tickets. My first concert ever was a Tyler Ward concert, almost exactly three years ago in Salt Lake City. I also went to his meet and greet and it was so fun meeting him. (picture below... baby whitney & baby tyler) Anyway, it was really fun seeing him again a couple nights ago. His concert was really small and intimate. I loved it so much! He called out Brady and I for being the only married couple there and dedicated a song to us. (he misheard us and now thinks we have been married for 3 years hahaha) I will always love Tyler Ward and I swear I will go to his concerts until I die haha! 


A selfie (& a spelling error) because I was diggin the red lip that night.


8. Brady has been such an amazing student. I am so proud of him! He is so diligent and dedicated. He is going to be the best dentist out there, I'm convinced. 

9. Seinfeld... my addiction. I won't mention when I started watching but I am almost finished with all 9 seasons. You're probably thinking, "I'm speechless. I have no speech."

If you know who said that, I love you.

10. General Conference. Best for last, right? I always love GC but this time it was extra special and I feel so lucky to be apart of something so wonderful. 

Whew. Glad that update is over! Here's to staying on top of the blog so I can avoid this craziness! 

& Welcome October!!