This time last year I dragged Brady and Zoe to the park to take a "family pic" and I couldn't let this year go by without getting another. They are mile markers for me. We set up our camera on a tripod and put our little remote to use! It really makes these photos funny when you think of us taking them of ourselves. haha! I can't help but laugh. Especially the ones where all three of us are looking. A girl saw us seriously struggling (hard) to get Zoe to look at the camera, since no one was behind it. She took pity on us and helped us out. Thanks to her, or we would only have photos of Zoe's back. While I do love her backside, I love her face a little more. 

We tried. 

This boy of mine, he's the very best they come. 

We were laughing so hard at all of Brady's serious faces. 90% of the time when he smiles with teeth in a photo, it looks so forced. So these days he tends to opt for the more serious, closed mouth smile. (which i love!) But in some of these he looks pretty pissed, he wasn't, but it made for a good laugh. 

This girl is my best pal and make my heart feel like it could burst. People say it's even better with human children, but I don't know about that. 

I wish the lighting in this photo wasn't so terrible. I also wish Brady's cute face wasn't out of focus. I love it regardless. Although, I do plan to haul everyone back to the park in a couple weeks for redo session!

It is a little embarrassing taking photos of yourself as hundreds of people walk past. At least we can have a sense of humor about it. 

I love you lots baby girl. 

These three. They are my people. They are why I get up every morning. They are why I laugh, and why I cry. They are my squad. Another Fall season has come and is nearly gone, and I am just glad I get to do it all with them.