The Union Square holiday market is officially open for the season! Rows and rows of small shops selling everything from pastries to the cutest holiday ornaments. Brady had so many tests this time last year, and we missed all the fun festive activities. So this year, we are hitting everything up super early and I couldn't be happier about it. 

As we were heading out to the market, the mail man was dropping off a couple packages for us. One of them was the birthday gift Brady ordered for me. Mind you, my birthday isn't for a couple weeks, but I convinced B to give me my gift early! (I kinda sorta already knew what it was... it was an accident, swear!!) He got me a new lens for my camera, ah!!! Naturally I was a little extra snap happy at the market. 

Now, please enjoy 20+ close up photos of holiday market goodies. Courtesy of my bday lens. (just in time for DC!!! thx honey!! xxxx)

Don't ask me how my diet went today.

After we were finished walking around, Brady and I grabbed some dinner before he had to head off to school for a night of studying. I walked over to Blick for some art supplies, and while I was walking, I had a little moment. Every once in a while, it just hits me. How lucky I am to live in the very city I used to only know in my dreams. It truly is amazing and so full of the best energy.

I love that he always poses for me. He's a trooper. 

Okay, THIS. It was unreal. A churro, filled with dulce de leche. We ordered one to share and ended up back in line for a second. If I'm being honest, we could have gone for a third, but we ran out of cash. For the record, this churro trumps Disneyland churros all day long. I know. 

I was dying over all the nyc ornaments. It's silly how obsessed I am with yellow taxi anything. We came close to purchasing an ornament, but decided to hold off for a bit. There are so many more markets to see! 

These are my favorite postcards and I have to buy one every time. I got two to add to my little collection that will hopefully be not so little one day. 

Christmas is taking over this city, and we sure love it.