Pulling a classic whitney and about to write four posts in a row. This month has been so busy and right now I have the time so it's happening!

At the end of September, Mariah and Benson, and Ivy came to visit! I was looking forward to these days so much and it was everything (and more) than I expected it to be. I was in heaven showing them around and getting to experience nyc with mariah for her very first time. This city is so magical to me and I am so grateful she was able to see why. 

Needless to say, it was a wonderful two days, that I wish could have been so many more. We crammed those two days with every good thing I could think of. We thought our feet were going to fall off by the end of the first day, but that didn't stop us. I couldn't let them leave without seeing it all! 

It was all of our first time to the Top of the Rock and there are no words for the way I felt up there. It is amazing to me that we are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful, vibrant, and exiting place. I truly love it here and am so grateful. We live just over there, about half way up the park and over to the left side. ;)

Ivy is the best! I could eat her up allll day. She was so good the entire time and such a trooper. I die over her little smile and I miss her so much. Already tyring to figure out when I can get to Arizona! 

I convinced everyone to stay for the sunset and I'm pretty sure no one was mad about it after seeing this view. Those buildings are stunning, but it's breathtaking when they start to light up. 

Food. So much food in just two days!! Pretty sure I'm still paying for it. 

I love you Ivy Eleanor!!! 

Hey, Paynes, come back okay?