October has been a very busy month for us. I finally started doing eyelash extensions and I love it!!! I was nervous about starting up but it has been so much fun and I truly enjoy it. Brady has been so busy with school. He has had tests every week and comes home around 11 or 12 pretty regular these days. I can't complain because we are so lucky just to be here and have him in school! But I do miss him a bit and am counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. Also, Zoe started her second heat cycle and so that's been fun!! (insert eye roll)

How cute are the fall stoops? I love them! I wish I had taken more photos of all the Halloween stoops, they were even better! 

After going to the smith a week prior, I was dying to go back with Brady. So that we did! So so good, always! 

It's starting to get chilly here and we are really going to miss long walks through the park with perfect weather. Zoe is a big fan of those.

We came across this adorable book store the other day. I could have spent hours in there. 

My little brother came in town for a night! He was headed to a training in PA for work and stopped by to see us on the way! It was so fun to see him and show him around a little bit! 

Brady and I were both released from nursery recently and got new callings. I am in Activity Days and he is in Scouts! They both meet at the same time and place on Friday nights, which I love! After we decided to hop on the subway and head downtown to TriBeCa. I wanted to check out the new Target and we decided to pop into the Oculous. Brady hadn't seen it and I knew he would like it. The building is so futuristic and cool. 

If you know me at all you know I love zombie makeup!! My good friend Sammi tuned 30 this month and her husband threw her the greatest Day of the Dead themed party! I know the traditional makeup looks nothing close to this but I just thought I'd run with the dead part and add a flower crown to fit in. 

Brady is such a good sport!

October is a month of birthdays! Mari also had a birthday so of course we threw her a party! MAri is one of my best friends here and my home away from home. I'm so grateful she is here! 

We took a bus tour around the city and had a blast. Our tour guide, who was the ultimate pessimist, kept us wildly entertained. We ended the night with dinner and dessert at Sugar + Plum. It was such a great night, and I am so grateful for good friends. 

The next day after church, I'm laying on the couch in sweats, when I saw @barefootblondehair post that they were giving away a box of extensions to the first person at the Lincoln Center. I put on clothes faster than ever before, and made Brady ride his bike down! I am so grateful for him being so fast (and safe!!), and for winning them for me. I am beyond excited. I love extensions and can't wait to try Amber's. I imagine they are the best of the best. 

My version of a Halloween pumpkin. 

Brady couldn't come home until super late on Halloween so I walked around with Zoe and some friends. We ran into so many other friends while out and about. It was so fun to see everyone in their costumes! Halloween was so much fun and a wonderful way to end such an amazing month!!