The title of this post pretty much sums up my week. One of my favorite things at the end of a long day is to go look at all the random pictures I took. Well this is pretty much it for this week, unfortunately! It's been so busy around here, which I am extremely grateful for, but I do need an extra reminder to capture moments here and there. 

Zoe and I had a little photoshoot the other day. This is the only picture that wasn't 100% blurry from a 60lb dog trying to wiggle her way out of my arms! She really does love hugs but they get her so excited she can hardly hold still!

This was the sunset a couple nights ago!!! I swear nyc has some of the most gorgeous sunsets. Looks like sherbet ice cream!

Zoe and her pal, Lauren. She is one of the little cuties I babysit on a regular basis. We were headed to her early morning soccer practice so Brady and Zoe joined us on our walk down! She was in heaven. 

Christmas Cards!! I made a nyc christmas card for a friend here. I love how it turned out so much, I wish it was mine!! hah! 

This is Zoe every single night! Or just always. She constantly steals my spot. And it absolutely crushes me to make her move! She loves it right there. 

Not the most exciting week at the Perdue home but it was a still a great one! And one more week until Thanksgiving break when I get those two cuties all to myself. I can not wait!