Sunday morning we went to the first hour of church and then walked over to Norma's for brunch. We don't make a habit of going out on Sunday, but since we had visitors, we made an exception! None of us had ever been to Norma's before so we were really excited, and also really, really, hungry. 

How beautiful is my Amy?! Inside and out. I really love her. 

Another beautiful tree outside Norma's. 

Deciding what to order is serious buisness. 

Blueberry pancakes with cream, they were absolutely delicious. This is just a half order, because Brady and I split! 

Just beyond those trees, is the central park ice skate rink. I'm really not an ice skater, but I think Brady and I may have to go when we get home. 

After brunch we walked off out full bellies through the park, and all the way home. It was a chilly day, but so much fun to wander around with these guys. And, although this picture is a bit blurry, I think it's my very favorite of the batch. They are adorable, and I love the way Amy is looking at Jackson. It's the sweetest. 

I can't even handle this picture. I could easily pass as the bird woman from Home Alone in that coat. The resmblance isn't as strking in black and white, but I did that for a reason!! 

Seeing them on a regular basis is required. I'm already trying to figure out when we will see them again. Maybe we should meet in the middle next time Aim?! Make a little trip out of it. I'm always down for that!! <3