Yeah, yeah, I'm the worst, and I always get "too" busy, and let's be honest, I am not too busy, that's just my excuse for always taking forever on my blog posts. Longest run on sentence ever. 

Having Mads here really helped me put on my tourist pants and get my butt out the door (into the bitter, freezing cold) and see some beautiful sites our city has to offer. It's funny/interesting to me how little we have gotten out to explore (outside of the UWS) since living here. You get so into your day to day life and sort of forget that you live in the most insane place, ever. Anyway, pretty sure I say more of New York in two weeks than I have the last six months. Speaking of, can't begin to wrap my mind around six months. Where did the time go? 

My very favorite thing was the Brooklyn Bridge. My gosh. It was amazing. I am a total sucker for a great view, and I completely fell in love with Brooklyn, the whole 20 minutes we were there. I came home and looked at apartments across the bridge for the next couple hours and entertained the idea of maybe making the move when our lease is up. It is still very much a possibility and looking more and more likely as the days go by. Who wouldn't want to stare at this view? I certainly wouldn't cry about it. 

Of course we had to stop by the infamous Flat Iron Building. Pretty sure I sat on a bench right there for a good ten minutes while Maddy got her perfect picture of the building. I love how much she loves to take pictures. But, sometimes I do wish she was quicker. 

It was the best two weeks. We were cozy and maybe we didn't get along 100 percent of the time, or maybe we did. I'll never tell. 

I love you Monkey Mad Lad. Thanks for coming! It was the best and I'm ready for you to come back. But maybe when we have an apartment that's not the size of your bathroom. 

p.s. You may have noticed the blog got a little face lift & a new name. I'm a fan. More on that another day.