People always ask me, "How was your weekend?" or "How's your week? What have you guys done?" and I swear in that moment, my mind starts racing, trying to remember all the things I did, looking for something exciting to say in response.

Let's be honest, most of our weeks are not full of super exciting things. I mean it's still freezing outside (with the exception of today, hooray for high 50s!!!) and we still have work, school, lots and lots of studying, and that pretty much consumes us until we collapse in bed at night to watch some Netflix or just pass out. 

I have realized though that although I may not have gone to Disneyland this week, or gone to a Broadway show... I did do something! I did a lot of things. I should record those things. Who cares if I didn't get a ton of great photos. Point of this- I'm really just trying to remind myself that just because I didn't have some big event and a photographer following me around, I can still blog. I can still record the happy moments in the week that I want to remember. So, cheers to that. 

First off, I just want to say a couple things about my Nani. Nani is my great aunt. She has always been a part of our lives and I love her soooo much. She passed away a few days ago. Although I will miss her so so much, I am so happy she get's to be back home and with her husband again. Her funeral was yesterday and my mom said everyone was happy and laughing and it was almost a party. I know she wouldn't have it any other way! She lived an amazing life. She was 94 years old and still as spunky as ever. I sure love you Nani! 

I have recently been babysitting for a family in our ward, the Todd's. They have four (extremely cute) little kids and the mom is currently pregnant with her fifth. (super mom! five kids in this city is a serious task. five kids at all is serious business) That has been really fun for me. It's nice to get out of the apartment and take breaks from the desk for a bit! Plus, I can't complain about the extra cash. It sure makes date night a little more enjoyable/ less stressful. (ps. yes, I do still work at Anthropologie. But currently they have been pretty slow and I don't get many hours!)

Sometime early this week or maybe last week, I don't remember... Brady snapped this picture of Zoe and I. It seriously kills me! She really does sleep there. That may seem weird to some, but it makes me so happy. She's my little cuddle bug + I wouldn't change a thing.

We moved our bed horizontal, to give us more floor space and it is amazing what a couple feet can do! I mean, when you only have a few feet to begin with, two more makes this place feel like a mansion! When we moved the bed, we had to move our nightstands too. We added them to the ends of the couch, one on each side, and I love having them there! (Although now our entire gallery wall is off center... hmm.) Brady is still getting used to sleeping sideways, but I actually prefer it. I love being able to see out the window before I fall sleep! 

Zoe recently stared her first heat cycle. She will hopefully be done in the next week or so. It has certainly been an experience! She wears diapers for the sake of our apartment, and sanity. I can't even tell you how much money we have spent on laundry lately. I don't want to talk about it. Mostly I feel bad for her though. She isn't allowed at the dog park while in heat, and it breaks my heart every time we pass by and she is pulling so hard trying to go in and I can't let her. Just a few more days, we can do this! 

One of my really good friends, Hunter, had a birthday this week. Happy Birthday Hunter!!! I had recently seen these pictures of his birthday three years ago (post mission) and so I pulled them up and sent them to him! Of course I started looking at other old pictures + I came across some other goodies! I added a couple of me + some of my besties (roomies at the time) ready for 80's dancing. hahah! I will always cherish those old memories. I sure am glad I met some of my greatest, life long friends during my time in Utah!  

Can you tell I used to work in a tanning salon. Oh heavens, what was I thinking?

Here are a couple prints I made this week. I am really excited about the way they turned out.  I will be shipping those off on Monday and I sure hope the new owner will be as excited about them as I am! 

I had lunch with my cousin, LeAnna this week. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have her here in this crazy city! LeAnna lives in Brooklyn, just across the bridge. I also have another cousin, Mari, (& her husband Chris + two adorable little kiddos) that live literally (nine blocks) down the street. We are in the same ward. How in the world did I move to a city all the way across the country and get so lucky to have so much family in such an unfamiliar place? Makes it feel more like home for sure. Side note: this place was pretty yummy! Thanks Lee. xoxox

I think that pretty much sums up the week. Today Brady and I went to church, and we just got back from an amazing walk along the pier with Zo. This weather makes me so happy. I am definitely looking forward to Spring + Summer and spending the day outside. Oh how I miss that.

It has been a great week for sure!

Ps. I finished two wedding invite suites this week that I love. I can't wait to get them printed, take fancy pics and get them posted! So stoked!