On my calligraphy Instagram page, I asked my followers if they would want me to share some "tips and tricks" related to my to calligraphy and design work. I had a great response! Sorry it has taken so long to actually get around to it, but here we are!

I get asked a lot about the different tools I use, or what my favorite this and that. So, today I am sharing my top tools that I can't live without. My basics, and my day to day go-to's!

I have tried so many different tools, and have really found what works best for me through the process of elimination. Although these are my favorites, they may not be yours! Everyone really just has to find what feels most natural for them. (And remember, just because the price is high, doesn't mean its the best!)

These aren't really in any special order, I love them all (almost) equally!

 Acryla Gouache! I have tried a lot of different brands of Gouache, but Acryla is hands down, my favorite. I do like the Turner gouaches, but not as much. Which is unfortunate because I bought a massive set and spent way more money on it than I like to admit.

Micron Pens! I always have a couple of these in whatever bag I am carrying. They are so perfect for sketching florals, leafing, "fake" calligraphy. I tend to gravitate towards .03, .02, and .01. They are just super great, and waterproof. You really can't go wrong with a Micron. 

Nib Holder: I just use the black plastic oblique with a metal flange. Maybe one day I will splurge on a custom holder, but honestly these work just great for now!

Nibs: My go-to nibs are Nikko G (great for a beginner), Brause Extra Fine 66, and an the  Blue Pumpkin Nib. I also like the Leonardt Nib but it is a bit more difficult for me to use, I am still getting used to it! 

Mini Pliers: I personally use these to put in and take out my nibs. I use these little miniature ones that are technically for jewelry making, but I really like them! I purchased THIS set. 

Brushes: I love round 0 brushes. I have a lot of different brushes but tend to gravitate towards these the most. I use them for detail work, brush lettering, and most of my floral and leafing designs. I use them so much, I buy a new one almost every time I go to the art supply store. 

Watercolors!! I never thought I could do watercolor. Until about two years ago, watercolor was completely foreign to me. Since starting I have been completely obsessed. I absolutely love them and have grown my collection immensely. My very first set is the one on the bottom, right side.

The two plastic pallets on the right (TOP, BOTTOM) get used a lot for floral work that I will be digitizing or when practicing. They are not super high quality, which means the colors will fade much quicker. They also won't mix as well as nicer watercolors do. I personally like the formula of the bottom pallet better, but tend to use the top one a little more because I like the color options. 

The black metal pallet in the back, is my baby. It is filled with Mijello Misson professional grade watercolors. I love using these to create custom colors! 

The gold palette, is the Fine Tec 6 Golds pallet. I really like this for small details on custom work, or it can be used to do gold calligraphy. The Postman's knock has a great tutorial for that HERE.

Another palette I love (specifically for brush lettering) that isn't pictured is THIS one. The colors are so so pigmented and I love the gradient effects you can get so easily with these. 

Paper! For watercolor work, my very favorite is the Cold Press Arches Block and for qouache I like the Hot Press! And for practicing and doing pretty much anything else, I love Mixed Media paper. I usually just buy whatever is on sale!


Lastly, two things I would never want to be without! My Wacom tablet that I use with digitizing anything. And my light pad! Also, I do use Photoshop for almost all my digital work and Illustrator for a few things as well!

And there you have it! I hope this helps any of you who have been wanting to dabble in calligraphy or the paint world. 


Everything I talked about is linked above + right here!

Micron Pens

Holbein Acryla Gouache

Mijello Mission Watercolors

Metal Watercolor Palette

The FineTec 6 Golds 

Plier Set

Brause Extra Fine 66 Nib

Leonardt Extra Fine Nib

Nikko G Nib

Blue Pumpkin Nib

Oblique Pen Holder

Arches Watercolor Blocks

Canson Mixed Media