School is out and it is officially summer for the Perdue clan! Let's first start with a little sap.

Brady has completed an entire year of dental school. I think he deserves a little lovin. He is a quarter of the way complete. How we have already lived in this crazy city for TEN months is beyond me. We have made it through countless crazy late nights, some husbandless nights, a milion study breaks, and quick little dates. Brady has always made sure my needs are met, and then he gets work done. He always makes time for me when I need it, and always puts me first, yet somehow kills it in school. I don't know how he does it, but I am so proud. I really am the luckiest. I love him more than I ever thought I could and I am just so grateful to call him my husband, best friend, bean.,. ya know. I am excited we made it though the first year and here's to three more!! I love you! 

OK! Moving on. We celebrated, or kicked off summer if you will, with a Yankees game. What's more american summer than that? 

It is very typical that the only picture we get together is a selfie. I tried asking people at the stadium but I swear I always get the people who act like they have never seen a camera before! Or they don't speak English and that's always interesting.

I hadn't eaten all day, and I was getting pretty hangry as we we're arriving at the stadium. I saw a concession stand and told Brady I wanted to get something right then. NOW. There are no lines, this is perfect. I wasn't too impressed with the menu but, I am at a ballpark... I can't be too picky here. So, I settled with a cold turkey sandwich that comes with a pickle spear and a side of classic lays potato chips. I'll just throw in that it cost twelve dollars. I wasn't excited about spending twelve dollars on a sandwich, but I expected it, and I did it, and we started to make our way to our seats. 

Here is where hangry whitney starts to really show through. Please note: I have not actually eaten yet. Meaning, hangry has not yet been eliminated from this scenario. We start walking and I'm realizing that there are many, many more options I could have chosen from. Two minutes ago I was fine with my sandwich! I wasn't stoked, but it would satisfy the hunger. It would do. Yeah, not anymore! Once I started to smell the real food I could have purchased... game over. I'm totally pissed I hadn't waited just five minutes.

I was so annoyed at myself I didn't even want to talk to Brady. Naturally, I reach for my phone. Let's make matters worse shall we? My phone. It's gone. I must have set it down somewhere. Luckily we hadn't made it too far and retracing our steps should be fairly easy. So we do, no phone. I start getting emotional. (Should I add in that I'm on my period? Does that justify the crazy? I hope so.) Ok, suspense over. We called my phone a couple times and finally someone answered. Thank you to the kind person who turned it in. Honestly, better for you that you did. I would have found you.

Point is, I can be totally crazy, hangry is very real, and my phone is safe and sound! The first half hour was a little rocky but we had a great time the rest of the night. I hope there are many more ball games in our future. (Thanks for loving me anyway babe!!)

^^ These seats ended up being super awesome. (we had no idea) We got cushy chairs that I was very happy about and we didn't have to cram into little stadium seats. That was a major win in my book!

It was a really good night. We even stopped at Target on the way home, which felt like such a treat since we don't have one in the city. And in just over 24 hours we will be boarding a plane to SLC, UT and boy are we excited! Summer, we love you.