On our last night in Utah, Brady's sister Darcee and her family were going camping down at Payson Lake. We. and Brady's parents also decided to tag along but just for dinner, smores, and a couple games. since we had a flight to catch the next morning. It was the best last night. I wish we could have actually camped, it seemed so fun! But, we were happy to just spend a few hours. We watched the boys and Zoe, play in the lake and went back to eat and play Heads Up. Ellen's game. Brady's family is soooo fun to play games with. I love everyones light heartedness, it's seriously a blast!

I'm not really a hotdog person, but a roasted hotdog with a toasted bun is pretty good!

I am in love with this scenery, it is just so beautiful. And don't even get me started on the air!

Pax and his turtle. Two best buds that really don't like to be sacrificed. 

Zoe swam for her first time on this little adventure! It was hilarious. I don't think she is totally sold on the idea yet. I got some video footage that I am going to try and put together and add to this post. We will see how that goes. I am a total newb in that department. 

Notice pax holding Zoe's leash. He really loved holding her with a leash haha!

My in-laws!!!

I love him and that sandlot shirt.

Leaving you with the best silly face around. This is his go-to. I love it!