Oh goodness am I behind on our trip posts, it's stressing me out!!! 

I have taken so many photos I can hardly keep track. Actually I think I have completely lost track. It's nuts. I am hoping to get on the ball and everything should be posted by the end of nxt week. I want to get them done asap so that I don't forget how I really felt about each day/place. This trip has been so much fun and I want it to b truly documented. On that note, Washington DC!

Two of our super great friends, Amy and Jackson. live in Baltimore area. Which is only a 45-hour drive to DC. They will actually be moving into the city next month and I am so excited for them. Especially after going for the first time. I loved it! It would be such a fun place to live. We decided to make them our first stop on our trip! Neither Brady nor I had ever been to DC, so they gave us the grand tour! (when I went to visit amy 5 months ago, there was a massive blizzard and we were snowed in the entire weekend!! literally.)

I have become obsessed with taking pictures of Zoe everywhere we go. I want to make a book out of them for our kids one day. I think it would be so funny and I am sure they would love it. Since we have the ability to travel with her now, I am taking full advantage! 

We were trying to take pics of Zo in front of each state sign we passed. Thanks so a police officer, that idea went down the drain a little quicker than expected! So I am really holding on to the Maryland and Delaware pics we were able to get!

Since we moved to the city I have been telling Brady how fun I think it would be to rent a convertible. I looked it up once and it just seemed unrealistic. I still kept talking about it, but put it in the back of my mind. Well, Brady totally surprised me when he pulled up in one for our road trip! I seriously almost cried. It has mad this trip SO much fun. We love it, and Zoe loves it! I really hope to own my own one day. I can't help it, I just think they are the best. 

The DC temple was unreal. We were about to walk around the grounds when Brady accidentally hit my toe with his shoe and totally busted it. haha! It was not funny at the moment. In fact, it was very bloody and extremely painful... but a few days later, and I can walk normal and all is well!

Honestly my favorite photo ever. I love the way Zoe has her paws around B's neck giving him a kiss. They are both my perfect people. I love them so much.

Baked + Wired cupcakes are the real deal! The Funfetti was my favorite by a long shot. 

Gosh any photo of the two of them I just love. My heart,


We ate dinner at Farmers Fishers Bakers. It was seriously yum! It was right by the water in Georgetown. That was a really great day. 

It was such a wonderful day, Thanks for showing us around Aims, love you guys!!