We decided to drive all the way up the coast at the beginning of our trip and make our way back down. We decided to make our first stop Camden Maine! Camden is the most quaint, charming, small town. Seems we caught it at the best time too. Apparently, in about a week that town will be flooded with tourists. It really was so perfect My favorite part about Maine were the people. Every single person we met was SO nice. People in nyc are nice too, but it's just so different. It was very refreshing! I certainly would not mind returning to Camden.

Whitehall!! There are not enough good things to say about this Inn. It was unreal amazing. WE loved staying here soooo much. We scored big time here. It was by far my favorite place we stayed, and we got it for a crazy deal too. Unfortunately I can't say as many good things about their "breakfast". It was quite a let down, but we didn't care that much. There were lots of yummy places to eat in the town. 

I swear every inch of this town was just overflowing with charm. These flowers across this bridge are no exception.

Our first night we ate at Peter Otts on the Water. We sat on the deck and it overlooked the water where you can see all the boats docked! We were both so surprised with how chilly it got at night. I honestly had no clue, neither of us brought warm clothing but we made do. I decided to try lobster since, well... we are in Maine!! Everyone says they have the best lobster. Well folks, I realized that anything served to me in its original state isn't for me. I don't love looking my food in the eye as I eat it. Needless to say, I took two bites, wasted twenty bucks, and that's probably the last time I'll be trying lobster for awhile. 

Do you see those lights? Gosh I loved this place.

My very favorite thing we did in Camden, and one of my favorites from the whole trip was sailing! Plus. Zoe got to come aboard. Everyone was loving her. We were on a pretty large sailboat, but here were only about 6 other people sailing with us. Everyone was so friendly.  We had the best time! Well, aside from getting a little sea sick, (nothing too crazy) it was perfect.

The people who own the sailboat and do these tours, sailed all the way to Camden from Key West. It takes them two weeks to get here! Two weeks at sea, I can not even imagine! They said they have zero communication, no cell phones, nothing! There were ten people sailing on their boat, nine men and one woman. She said they just read books, play games, and get to know each other real well. Seriously boggles my mind! What a simple life. Sounds refreshing almost, until I think of how sick I would be for two weeks straight. No thanks! 

Also, how handsome is my hubs?! Gosh I love this photo of him. It's a framer for sure. 

This was Zoe's favorite part of our trip for sure! We went on a little hike and let her just run free. She was loving life. I swear nothing makes me happier than seeing her so happy. Haha, I know I sound ridiculous but, its true.