After DC, we decided to stop in Philly for a few hours on our way to New Haven. It was a million degrees outside, well it felt like it anyway. It was my least favorite stop, o I am glad t was only a few hours! I really don't like site seeing when I'm a sweaty mess. haha! Not my thing.

We tried taking a pic of Zoe with this sign, but right when Brady was going to lift her up, this dumb police officer started yelling at us through his car megaphone thing. On the freeway. It was a little ridiculous. 

Zoe was not a fan of this city! There just isn't enough shade for her! Or me haha! Luckily we could walk under these trees for a bit. She avoids direct sunlight like the plague. Takes after her momma!

After she decided to go for a little swim, life was good! I am so glad she got wet, it made the walk back to the car much more enjoyable!


Last time I came to Philly the temple wasn't finished, so this was so cool to see! It is so beautiful just peaking thought the trees!

Of course we had to stop for some Philly Cheesesteaks. These were so good, and HUGE. I could hardly finish half!

The drive from Philly to New Haven was insanely beautiful! This allll the way there. The cool air, green trees, and the top down was heaven. I could do this road trip every week.