When I saw we would be driving through New Haven I knew we had to stop at Yale. How could I pass up an opportunity to walk Rory Gilmore's old stomping grounds? I know, I really couldn't. Unfortunately, right as we were arriving I learned (thanks a lot google) that pretty much all the Yale scenes were not actually filmed at Yale. I really can't talk about it, moving on. 

Regardless of what Google tries to tell me, the entire time I was imaging Rory walking around campus doing her super great Rory things. 

Every building is so beautiful. I love old architecture. Why did't I go Ivy League? haha good one. 

Zozo at Yale!! 

The trees on Connecticut. I swear the whole drive looked like this! That greenery is my favorite!

How ridiculous is it that I would love a gate like this into my home? Haha! Totally ridiculous. 

We loves you Yale! Although I am still kicking myself for not getting myself a little Yale gear. Guess we will have to go back!!