I never finished posting all the pictures from our trip... hopefully I will get around to that soon! My laptop was having some issues a few weeks back and so I replaced my hard drive last week and now all my pictures are on a hard drive that is kind of confusing to access. That was the longest run on sentence ever and none of that even matters!

I put this post together on July 24th, and just realized right now that I never published it. So even though it is published a couple months late, whatever! ha! I love having the photos documented and that's all that really matters. 

Zoe doing her "shake" trick. She is all shaved now and looking at this picture of her super fluffy makes me miss that fur!

Mari, her kiddos, and I ventured downtown to the Magnum Pop up store. They hand dip ice cream bars that are literal heaven on a stick. How adorable is little Nora?! And how amazing is the script on this wall. All the heart eyes. 

By far my favorite building on the UWS. 

I wish I had an actual count of my sleeping pictures of Zoe. I am sure it is something all sorts of ridiculous. 

Brady and I went on date night to Sticky's! It was our first time going and probably our last. It was yummy, but just not my kind of food. It was so heavy and I had a terribly stomach ache after. Probably didn't help that it was a million degrees outside and their ac wasn't on. I will never understand that.


Here we have a very flattering photo of the scab on my nose that I got from running right into the microwave door. Killin it!

Brady and three of our cutie nursery babes. Eli, Conrad, and Jacob. We sure love them.

We over estimated our love and desire of peaches on week and this is where the leftovers went. I honestly don't even know what they are... some sort of personal pie pockets. I omitted most of the sugar in an attempt to make them healthier and they were just bitter. But the crust was good! 

Brady and baby Lucy. How am I supposed to hold of on children when I see this? Well actually Sundays in nursery is how, if you were wondering. 

The last of about 100 photos of Zo asleep. Wait until I have a human child.