Today we woke up and decided, despite the insanely hot and humid weather, to get out on the town and explore for a few hours. By Saturday we are usually so exhausted from the week that we just stick around our neighborhood and do lots of snuggling, naps, catching up on shows, you know. Not to mention, the heat is killer and a serious deterrent for me. I didn't let that stop us today and I am so glad. We had such a fun time and enjoyed somme really yummy food. 

We went to By Chloe, a vegan, plant based restaurant in Soho. My fingers are crossed they open one on the UWS. We NEED one. Really. I ordered the taco salad, and Brady got the guac burger with a side of sweet potato fries. He would normally run at the sound of anything vegan but he really enjoyed it and that is music to my ears!! I am in no way a vegan, but I can appreciate it, and I love a meal that is delicious, healthy, and light on the stomach! 

It is Fashion Week in the city right now and based off what I saw today, I would say Soho is the fashion week hub! We saw so many photographers, models, and fashionistas! It was kinda fun to see! Although that is so not my thing, I do love to see everyone all dressed up! And to think I was complaining about my sneakers giving me blisters, I can only imagine if I had been in four inch stilettos. 

I snapped this pic of our food, cause it was too pretty not to! It took one shot, and I think it turned out cute, right?! We were laughing cause there was a girl next to us that was still taking pictures of her food, trying to get that perfect shot, by the time we finished. ha! I'm all about documenting, but not if that means you will be eating a cold burger! 

I love that he is so willing to pose for me. ha! He is so cute and I just really liked the wall art.

We also got free soft serve thanks to Lou and Grey, a new store opening up on fifth avenue. SO refreshing on this insanely hot day.

Days spent with B are the best. I'm looking forward to next Saturday, and thinking of what we should do next!