I swear every Friday I start counting down until the next Thursday. We do date night every Thursday night and it is my very favorite day of the week. We picked Thursday because you can always get a table, waits are at a very minimum, no reservation required, and you can usually enjoy your meal without someone sitting two inches away from you.

Since the weather has been so perfect (jacket weather, finally!!), we decided to head over to Brooklyn for the night. The last few months I have avoided the subway like the plague. There really is nothing worse than the subway system in the summer time. 

Brooklyn Bridge park is about a 45 minute train ride away from us. Riding the subway with Brady is so fun. I love that time to just be together, chat about our day, play would you rather (our favorite) and people watch. We love to people watch, and there really is no better place for that than nyc. 

I called ahead and ordered our pizza (half cheese, half pepperoni!) so we could skip the line, pick it up, and walk over to the park. I had to pat myself on the back for that idea because the dinner line for Grimaldi's and Julianna's was so long. Probably a 1-2 hour wait, at least! The pizza was ready when we got there and the park it just across the way. We snagged one of the tables along the promenade and enjoyed the best pizza with an amazing view. 

Side note: Julianna's + Grimaldi's are so similar and really taste the exact same to me. Although, I pick Grimaldi's because I love the old style vibe they have going on and they are a little less expensive. 

After dinner we walked along the water over to Pier 5 for some ice cream! They have an Ample Hills ice cream stand where we each got a little cup. I didn't love mine, but Brady loved his and the ice cream was more for him anyway so I was a happy camper.

Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO are two of my favorite neighborhoods to walk through. The brownstones and cobblestone walkways are so charming. It truly feels like you're walking through a movie! I would die to live in one of them! And their view of Manhattan is so breathtaking. These silly iPhone pictures really do not do it justice. 

I am so excited Fall is here and I am going to milk every last second of it before it gets so bitter cold we have to hibernate for the winter.