On Friday afternoon we packed on a whim (literally in ten minutes!!!) and hopped on a train to The Hamptons! We knew we wanted to go and that we might be going, but we were having a hard time finding an affordable, last minute option to get there that Zoe was cleared to do with us! Around 3:30, Brady found a train we could take that left at 4:06, so we threw our stuff into a duffle bag, left our apartment in a total disaster, and off we went! 

It was fun and exciting to leave to so quickly, but it also stressed me out and gave me anxiety and it caught up to me once we were on the train. I am so thankful for my super loving husband who is the sweetest and deals with my crazy like a true champ! 

The train ride there was a little rough. We were traveling during peak hours (aka: every other person in nyc is trying to leave for the weekend all at the same time!!) so it was a super packed train and we ended up having to stand for the first hour. The head cold that I currently have (we thought it was just really bad allergies for the first two days), started acting up about thirty minutes before we arrived. Once we got there, both our phones died, so we had no other option but to take the first cab we saw. The Hamptons is definitely not nyc and taxis are few and far between. Harry, our taxi driver was certainly one of a kind and that will be a ride we will NEVER forget. haha I wish I could explain it here but it truly was one of those 'had to be there' experiences. I will say... after the train ride, we were pretty slap happy and for some reason when Harry dropped an F bomb we thought it was so hysterical! I don't think I have ever seen Brady laugh so hard. Good thing Harry was telling a "funny" story so he was just pleased he made us laugh. 

We came to the Hamptons because our friends, The Todds, came up for the triathlon. They rented this house and made a little weekend out of it. They invited us to come along and it was so much fun! They are like family to us and we love them so much, so this weekend was nothing short of amazing. 

On Saturday we slept in a bit, and headed off to the beach early afternoon. Over the summer, Brady and I went to the beach a few times but I had never gotten in past mid calf. I didn't have much intention of getting in this time around but, that all changed once we arrived. The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm, but not hot, and that water felt like bath water! I ran and jumped in and truly had the best time ever. I felt like such a kid again. Every wave made me laugh uncontrollably and nothing beats the feeling of the ocean and waves! It is truly wonderful and I am just so grateful for that day. I am so exited for our next beach trip. I have a feeling it will be much higher on our to-do list next Summer. 

I wish I had a picture of this, but when Brady and I were out in the ocean, Zoe didn't know what to do with herself! She hates being away from us, so she braved the waves and came out too! She was full on swimming and riding the waves with us. It was so wild! She normally steers clear of swimming so that was a moment to remember.

Zoe was a huge hit with the Todd kids. They love her so much! Thankfully, Zo is really great with kids and had a blast being chased all weekend long. (Ava: Left, Lauren: Right)

Lauren killing it in her pink sunnies.

The Hampton's mansions are unbelievable. I could have looked at them all day! Next time we are there I want to rent bikes to ride around the neighborhoods so we can get a better look. Every house there is surrounded by hedges, which gives them great privacy, but makes it hard for me to admire! ha!  

Sunday morning was Ryan's triathlon. He turned 40 this year so he signed up to do this. It was his first one and he did great! He finished in just over three hours, and 36th (something like that) in his age group. Those kids were so proud of their dad! 

Before we caught our train home, we stopped at the pumpkin patch in town. I wish these pictures did it justice. It was so magical. Fall if my very favorite season, and there was truly no better way to ring it in! I was just waiting for one of those pumpkins to turn into a carriage! They were so big and looked like they were straight out of a fairytale.

If only we had more room, I would have brought home some pumpkins for our entry!! I was in love with all the colored/ warty ones. 

On the way home we practically had the train to ourselves, Zoe slept the whole way, and we got to relax a little from a very busy weekend. I think we said a million different times "It makes sense why people love the Hamptons!". I couldn't mean that more. I never knew what made it so special but it just is. It's gorgeous, the people are so kind, the weather is amazing, and its the ultimate getaway from the city. We certainly want to go back. 

We came home to a very rainy nyc. And although I am fighting the worst head cold, and can't smell a thing, you better believe I have my pumpkin candle burning! It's Fall!!