August was a busy month for us! Brady finished his Summer semester of school and got another two week break. We decided pretty last minute to go visit my family in Oklahoma and take a break from this crazy city. It was much needed and so relaxing. While we were there we celebrated our second wedding anniversary and Brady's birthday. 

It's hard to believe it's already been two years all while it seems like forever. I hardly remember what life was like before him. (here comes the mush) When I met Bray I knew he was a good one, but for some reason I didn't feel like we were a good fit. I am so grateful he didn't give up on me and that he was so patient in showing me what I really needed. He is the most solid, wonderful, kind, and hardworking man I have ever known. If I believed in soul mates, he would be mine one hundred and ten percent. He is the best thing in this whole world and I am so beyond grateful Heavenly Father placed him in my path. You are my rock Brady Perdue and I love you so much. 

I don't remember if I mentioned dying my hair pink but I did and it was so much fun! I have wanted to do it for ages. It was as great as I thought it would be. 

The pink has washed out and here I am documenting how long my hair is getting! Almost exactly two years ago I chopped it all off and it's finally at a length I am happy with. Also most definitely using the 'pretty filter' here cause I was a sweaty mess and this is the only was I was taking a selfie!!! 

On August 1st I made a goal to post on my design Instagram every single day. I think I miss one two in three days. I am counting it as a success! With that, I had to create a lot of content and I am so glad I did! It really helped me grow and branch out. I've included a few of the posts in this entry, and this is one! 

The week we went out of town I went to this private beach in Connecticut with some girlfriends. It was such a fun day and I am so glad I went! It was a beautiful, overcast day with a great view and even greater company. 

B got his birthday gifts a few days early this year so that we didn't have to lug it all the way to Oklahoma. I got him this North Face duffle bag that can also be a backpack and I don't think I have ever seen him s excited. Brady isn't the best reactor and so this is really saying something. 

How cute it he!? I took him to Black Tap for lunch before we left to celebrate his birthday. My family lives in the middle of nowhere making the restaurant options ver slim, so celebrating before was a good choice for us!  

Zozo passed out on the plane before we shaved her the next day!! She melts my heart. 

The view from my parents deck. Pure serenity out there. 

My sweet little Zeeker!!! He is everything to me. I love this boy soooo much! I could kiss that face all day, which I did. I definitely did. 

Cheering on cousin Elliot at his first home game of the season! Zeek was hands down the best cheerleader out there. 

I made all these wood signs while in Oklahoma. It was extremely time consuming but so fun. I really love how they turned out. 

Celebrating him with all the fam. <3

August was a good month for us. Now back to reality and counting down the days until this weather turns fall! I am so ready.