I dragged Brady and Zoe to the park a second time to take these since I really didn't love how they turned out the first time! I decided I wanted to take them in the same spot we did last year, and hopefully every year we live here, we can keep coming back to this spot to take a picture. It's so fun to look back and see how we have grown over the year. And although we really don't look much different, who knows, maybe in a couple years we will have a little one to add to the photo. Who knows!! 

Sticking true to my roots, I didn't get a card out this year. I have yet to actually do that. I can't imagine it's going to get easier from here, so maybe this whole digital card thing is going to become a tradition. Anyway, if I had sent out a card, I would have included a quick update. Something like this..

It's been a fun and exciting year for the Perdue's. Still living in New York City, and loving it. We renewed our lease for our teeny tiny apartment in August. Brady also had his 28th birthday and we celebrated our second year of marriage. Brady had a month off of school this Summer. We took advantage of every minute and traveled all over the east coast. We spent two weeks in Utah visiting his family, and then rented a convertible and drove up the coast and back. We made it to Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, D.C, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Massachusetts. Thanks to Airbnb, we have been able to do much more traveling than we ever thought possible as students. It's been so much fun! 

Brady completed his first year of dental school and started his second. He has done extremely well and continues to impress me with his dedication and hard work. Being students has been challenging, but the fun constantly outweighs the cons. We are loving the time we have to spend with just each other, and our sweet pup, Zoe. Brady loves to ride his bike around the city, or run through the park. His favorite food is still pizza and he is still a die hard Byu fan. He even makes time for those darn football + basketball  games that start in the middle of the night, east coast time.

I have finally figured out a great day to day schedule juggling babysitting, my small art business, and doing eyelash extensions out of our home, part time. I also turned 25 this year!

It has been a wonderful year and we look forward to many more to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Perdues

Here are some photos we snapped on the way home!

I love his cute smile. 

This photo makes me laugh!! He was so cold and ready to be home and I kept making him pose for pictures. He's always such a good sport.

I had to include this because this is how 90% of the pictures Brady takes turn out. He really struggles with the whole focus thing, ha!!

See that red spot on Zoe's head? Lipstick. 

Christmas stoops are my very favorite thing about nyc.

These two.