& june


June flew by so fast I can hardly believe it. I blinked, and it was gone. Thank goodness for pictures so I can slightly remember bits and pieces, without them, I'm afraid I would lose all my memories!  


June means peonies! We bought so many peonies this month and I am so glad. I have to soak them up as much as possible while they are around! Until next June.. 


We stopped at a street fair on Sunday and enjoyed way too many yummy foods. These potato chip spiral things were so yummy and so fun! 


My friend Brooklyn and I woke up bright and early one morning and went to the flower district. For someone who is so obsessed with flowers, I can't believe this was my first time. I was in heaven! The mass amounts of peonies was insane. I wish I could have taken them all home with me. Instead, I took a million photos. And I'm posting them all, because I never want to forget them, ever. We went to get flowers to make a backdrop for another friend's baby shower. (Pictured below)


I mean... come on.  


Heaven, I tell you. 

Below is the backdrop we made. It was so fun to make and I love how it turned out! It was so pretty!


And a few pics from the shower. It was so gorgeous! One of the most beautiful showers I have ever been to.


The setting wasn't to shabby either. 


Okay, it was magical. It's nights like those that make me feel all the "i love New York feels", big time. 


Zoe is completely passed out here. Snoozing, head on my legs, and body fully under then blanket. She kills me and absolutely melts my heart. 


We tried The Burger Joint a couple weeks ago and loved it! It was so fun! It's this tiny little hole in the wall inside a big fancy hotel. It's just a really cool atmosphere. Food was good and tasted like it was straight from a backyard BBQ. We will be back for sure. Thanks so my friend Abby for the recommendation. Her husband, Ralph, and Brady have the exact same taste in food. Burgers and pizza everyday if they could.


A different night, we headed down to Tribecca piers to celebrate Casey's birthday with some sand volleyball! I came right from work, and an hour late already, so of course I was the only one not in proper attire. But, that didn't stop them from making me play anyway! It was so fun and I'm so glad I did. I'm ready for round two! Fully geared up next time.


The view from the courts was incredible. Such a gorgeous night.


Technically this was July, but whatever  😉 Since I had the 3rd off, I went into the clinic for a visit with Dr. Perdue! It was so fun to see him in action. He is adorable and did so well. It was so fun to see him do everything he has been learning for two years! Bad news: it's time to have my wisdom teeth removed. Good news: I have no cavities! Pretty good for not having been to the dentist in two years. Whoops.


That's a wrap, June. It was a good month! Now I'm almost caught up... as it's the second week of July already. Time, slow down.