my mama came to visit!!


I was working long hours leading up to my mom's visit, so Brady put on his cleaning pants and get our entire apartment ready for my mama. I say that like he doesn't already do most (all) the cleaning around here. He also wrote this message for her, without any prompting, and it makes me love it that much more. He's the best. So it my mom. I'm a lucky girl.  


She did all the picture taking, so bear with me! I only have a few and we look like loons but, I love them all the same. 


We were so beat. My mom took an actual nap sitting there on those High Line steps. For a good ten minutes. I will never understand how she can just do that at the drop of a hat.


When I was in hair school, my mom was my very first color client. She let me give her highlights. I think she was there for like 8 hours, and she pretended to love it when we were done. She is a true gem. Brady was starting clinic (officially a 3rd year student!!) the week she came, and she was so willing to be his first patient. Thanks for bring the best, mom.


Isn't she cute? 


Zoe and my mom are the best of buds and she was so sad after my mom left. She was so mopey and would just lie by the door waiting for her to come back. So sad!  

This was the first time my mom has come to visit since she and my dad brought us out here two years ago! It was so fun to skip the tourist stuff and just let her do my day to day with me. We had so much and I'm ready for her to come back.