Galentines + Valentines

happy happy Valentine's Day!!

spent most of my morning yesterday wanteding TriBeCa and grabbing lunch with some of my galentines 💗 


currently super obsessed with pink and tiny's was making all my pink dreams come true. 


we had brunch at bubby's. i had never been, but it's been on my list forever! It was delicious and now I'm dying to try more menu items. 


their walls are covered in art and I loved everything! this egg piece was my very favorite and I definitely need one in my future breakfast nook. 


the grub!


i ended the day at a movie with more galentines! it was a truly fun day! i'll never forget it. 


i woke up a couple hours after brady had already been off to school. when I looked over and saw this little setup i swear my mouth dropped to the floor. i was in such shock! truly! i have been talking about getting a sewing machine for ages, and i just can't believe he got me one. he picked it out all on his own, and i couldn't love it more. he wins this valentines, big time. 


he got done with school around 1, which was the best!  i don't usually get to see him in the middle of the day, so it was perfect. 


he opened his gift and we were off to parm for a lunch date. I'm not a huge fan of going out of valentines night, it's too crowded for my taste! so lunch was perfect. he is taking a nap and then we are going to see jumangi, and grab some dessert. 


they poured fresh cement right outside our apartment, so we just had to leave our mark. I hope we don't get in trouble, and I really hope they leave it! coming back to the city and seeing this in 20 years would be the best. (WBZ) ❤️


some valentines and art for work ❤️


it's been the best valentines yet.


brady, i love you. ill never know how I got so lucky, but i'm thanking my lucky stars. you're my whole world and there is no one else i'd rather have to my side. 💗✨