Day out with Zo

it was a happy day.


After being sick for a few days, I woke up on Thursday feeling pretty great! I looked at the forecast and we were supposed to have nice weather all day, so I packed up a few things and took Zoe on a journey with me. We walked through the park, down 5th Ave, down to Madison Square Park to meet Brady for some lunch at Shake Shack. We got to hang out with him for an hour before he had to head back for clinic, and it was the best. Zoe and I stoped at the dog park before we made our way back home. It's a bit of a trek (4 miles each way), we were exhausted by the time we got home. Zoe didn't move for 24 hours! It was a great day. A happy day. And I love the pictures I was able to snap along the way.