We made it to Utah! Brady and I were so worried about the plane ride here. We thought Zoe was going to be so crazy because of all the people at the airport. Especially since 90% of the people want to pet/play with her and that always gets her all riled up! She usually has an accident when she gets too excited so we just tried really hard to keep her calm. I am so grateful the passengers + crew were so kind and made having a 60 lb. dog on an airplane a million times easier! And we are happy to report that she was AMAZING. Seriously, a little gem. It was a very long day of travel and we are so happy to finally be here in Utah with snow covered grounds + family everywhere!

This is Zoe's first experience with snow and she absolutely loves it. She just runs around, lays in the snow, and is one happy little pup. 

Since the day we moved away, these two have been asking when Zoe is coming back. We were also nervous about how she would act with a bunch of little kids. (so far it's just these two... but in the next couple day, there will be 10!!) She has been so good with them. They love her and she let't them sit on her and pretend she is a horse and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Can't say it doesn't make me excited to have my own!! 

Easton is so cute with Zoe. Last night, Brady + I went to the BYU Basketball game and then to the new Star Wars move. (it started at 10:50 PM... I lasted about 1/2 an hour. But! That 1/2 hour was super good!) Zoe has serious separation anxiety and gets so upset when we leave her. Easton didn't leave her side. He was right there giving her hugs + laying with her. Sweetest thing ever.

I'm sure these pics won't be the last of these two! (also not sure why they are all different sizes but whatever) The BYU vs. UTAH game is currently on and let's just say I think everyone wishes they hadn't gotten so excited for the game. Lucky for me I don't care + no game can sway my mood! 

Happy Christmas time!!!